22 Feb 2017

Listening Comprehension and Podcasting Sites

English tests, listening activities for children and matching audio files.

English listening comprehension exercises for basic listening skills.

Easy online listening activities with gap filling exercises.

Taped dictations to improve listening skills.

Video archive plenty of clips featuring daily life stories.

English listening lesson library.

Blog with a variety of graded podcasts.

Site for French students of English with easy dictations.

ESL podcast site.

Listening podcasts with activities.

Listening resources divided up in levels.

Podcasts for English students.

General listening quizzes with levels of difficulty.

Original ESL videos with interactive lessons.

Short stories and radio programmes.

BBC site with a huge archive of videos.

17 Jul 2015

Web 2.0 Tools: Making, Editing & Watching Videos

Turn photos and video clips into video

Subtitle movies

Make digital movies online

Make any video your lesson

Make awesome videos in a few clicks.                                             

Free community for sharing instructional videos

Watch videos synchronized at the same time

Web 2.0 Tools: Newspaper Generators

Make a newspaper clipping with own headline and story

Web 2.0 Tools: Creating Comics

Make your own avatars and comics

Educational comic strip creator

Web 2.0 Tools: Creating Stories

Let me present to you some interesting tools that will help you create stories in minutes.

Make animated stories for a fee

Write and share art-inspired stories

Create and share animated stories

Create interactive 3D pop-up books

Web 2.0 Tools: Flashcards

Flashcards online - create, learn and share.

Web 2.0 Tools: ICT

Computer programming courses for kids.