31 Aug 2013

Interesting links: MATH FOR KIDS

Here's a list of some interesting math websites that you might use in class.

Comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons

Site that helps pupils improve their math skils intreactively

A math forum

Collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles and more

Algebra help lessons

Math lessons, math games and other activities

Math challenges based on real life situations

Online educational games

A very good math practice site

Plenty of math resources

Free math resource site

Variety of math activities and games

Fun interactive math projects

Free math lessons and math homework help

Free math games, worksheets and homework help

Interactive instruction and free resources

Answers to mathematical situations in daily life

Math explained in easy language

Math games, logic puzzles and more

Free math worksheets and lessons

Collection of interactive worksheets

Beat the computer in a game of logic

Online math worksheet generator

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